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A Huge BIG Thank You !!!
I was rummaging around the interwebs to find some reverse engineering info for MiLight and stumbled across your esp8266-MiLight-Hub. On a whim I downloaded the pre-built (v1.10.5) and flashed it to the D1-mini with nRF24l01 which I was already using for my initial explorations.
It WORKED FIRST TIME!  Now that’s how you do it!
Needless to say, I ditched my rev-eng attempts and moved on to tinkering with the hub. We already have three rooms with a total of 18 various MiLight bulbs and a remote in each room. So it is really nice to be able to augment the functionality and still be able to use the remotes for “basic” operations. 

Comment on Milight WiFi Gateway Emulator on an ESP8266 by Laurie Roberts Mon, 02 Dec 2019 08:43:54 +0000 Hi
I have the same issue here. Works great on DHCP, but fixed IP does not seem to work. Entered a free ip and subnet mask, but on reboot device is not visible.

Comment on Milight WiFi Gateway Emulator on an ESP8266 by Gregor Sat, 30 Nov 2019 20:21:48 +0000 Hi Chris,
thanks for all your work in this project.
I tried to built a hub to control two large and one small panels labelled for the German supplier Wofi (which apparently works for other users –,89109.0/all.html). I read the documentation and the troubleshooting guide and tried to find something on the bug tracker but cannot get it to work.
I’m using combinations of:

NodeMcu V2 and V3 (with and without additional NodeMcu base boards) from different suppliers,
NRF24L01 / NRF24L01+ from different suppliers, and
no, 4.7, 10, or 47 µF capacitors between 3.3V and GND at the NRF24L01.

I have successfully flashed those devices from Windows and Linux using pre-compiled binaries in versions 1.10.3 and 1.10.5. Subsequently accessing their web interface works flawlessly. 
All I get while sniffing for the remotes of the two large panels from 2017 is exactly one packet like that below for all remotes (with different IDs for each one of course)

No second package will be recorded until the whole Hub is restarted. Stopping and restarting the sniffing does not help.
Curiously, while sniffing with three Hubs in parallel only one picks up the first packet (or shows it in the sniffing log), although all hubs and the remote are only 10 cm away from each other.
Sending packets from one of the hubs and sniffing them with two others does not work. The packets are shown in the sending hub but not in the receiving ones. Receiving the first packet from a remotes nevertheless works.
Sniffing for the remote of the small panel from 2019 (looks like FUT006/FUT007 but with all white buttons) gives no result whatsoever on any of the hubs.
Have you come across such a behaviour previously?
Best regards

Comment on Milight WiFi Gateway Emulator on an ESP8266 by chris Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:41:19 +0000 The code I’ve written is very tied to the Arduino platform. It would not be a ton of work to make it compatible with ESP32, but it would be a ton of work to make it work with non-Arduino platforms. Enough that I will never try, and would not recommend it to anyone else (i.e., a rewrite is appropriate).

Definitely possible to do this on an RPi. What I would consider the really hard part is already done — reverse engineering the protocol. That’s obviously portable.

Very happy to answer questions and/or pitch in on an RPi port.

Comment on Milight WiFi Gateway Emulator on an ESP8266 by VICENTE LOUVET Sat, 23 Nov 2019 16:49:38 +0000 Hi Chris,
great project! 
Cant code be run on a raspberry pi with the same transceiver?
I’d be interested in helping to port it to run on rpi3, possibly with a Python rewrite. Let me know if you can think of any show stopper roadblocks in this intended projects.

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Comment on DIY Pet Treat Dispenser by Willard Denesik Tue, 05 Nov 2019 13:10:55 +0000 Very nice work done. I really appreciate it!

Comment on Milight WiFi Gateway Emulator on an ESP8266 by h4nc Sat, 02 Nov 2019 21:46:53 +0000 I will send you the pcb files via mail. However for now I won’t share the stl data. I want to keep this as a “goodie” for people who want to buy a hub from me.

But maybe I will share it somewhen in the future. Hope you can understand.