Ready-Made MiLight Hub

h4nc over at the HomeAssistant community forums has put together a spectacular ready-made hardware set for my ESP8266 MiLight Hub software. This includes a PCB and a 3D-printed case.

These look super snazzy, and will remove a lot of the guesswork from the setup process (skip the jumper wire fiddling and head-scratching when you read the pinout wrong!)

Awesome job, h4nc!

h4nc is offering ready-made kits which include:

  • A NodeMCU pre-flashed with the latest version of ESP8266 MiLight Hub
  • An nRF24 module with antenna
  • 3D-printed case

To order one for yourself, please get in touch with him at h4nc.zigbee(a), or drop him a PM on the HomeAssistant community forum.

You can see (and leave) feedback on h4nc’s readymade kits on the aforementioned HomeAssistant forum post.

Open Source

h4nc graciously open-sourced his work. You can find the Gerber files on Github, and the 3D-printable STLs on Thingiverse.

If you do end up making one of these for yourself, please consider a donation to h4nc. Contact him at h4nc.zigbee(a)


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